Venturer Law
Venturer Promise
A Venturer is loyal and trustworthy
A Venturer is considerate and tolerant
A Venturer is a friend to all
A Venturer accepts challenges with courage
A Venturer uses resources wisely
A Venturer respects the environment
A Venturer has self respect and is sincere
On my honour I promise to do my best
To do my duty to my God
To the Queen and my Country
To help other people
And to live by the Venturer Law.




General Notices

New Venturer Leader's starts - Chris Weisenborn and Marguerite Spencer have come onboard as the Calliope Venturer Leader's. The New Venturers are looking forward to working with Chris and marguerite to ensure that Calliope is still one of the best Sea Scout Groups to belong to.




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